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Created 22-Mar-15
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Great Blue Heron Chicks , 3-4 weeks close up . Venice RookeryGreat Blue Heron,  Chick 3-4 weeks old.  Venice RookeryGreat Blue Heron feeding chicks.Great Blue Heron & Chick, Siode view .  Venice RookeryGreat Blue Heron & Chicks, .   Venice RookeryGreat blue heron and chicksGreat Blue heron feeding chicks.Great blue & twin chicks.  Venice rookeryGreat blue heron displaying chick.  Venice rookeryAnhinga feeding sequence1.Anhinga feeding sequence 2.Anhinga feeding sequence 4.Anhinga chicks 2 weeks old.Magnificent frigate and chick nestingGreat Blue Heron...Venice RookeryGreat Blue Heron ..Head Shot.. Venice RookeryGreat White Egert.. Breeding display.   Venice RookerySnowy Egert... Venice RookeryGreat White Egert...  Breeding Display.   Venice Rookery.Great white heron, breeding dispay & plumage. Everglades

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