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Created 8-Dec-13
134 photos

These photos were taken in Grand Cayman Island, Rotan, BVI, Turks & Caicos, Indonesia, Belize, Wackatobe, Papua New Guinea, and Little Cayman.
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Cayman Brac-Juvenile grouper in Azure barrel spongeTranslucent gobyNud ikentrodorisrubescens 1Doc PolsonBlue ribbon eelAnemone fishBanded butterflyfishBarrel spongeBarrel sponge 2Black & yellow crinoidBlack & red soft coralBlennies on reefBlue azure spongeBlue Ribbon ReefBlue Ribbon Reef 2Bristle soft coralBVI diver on lineBVI sea fanBVI glossy sweepers in coralChristmas tree worms 2

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